WeGo-ST 30 / ST 60

WeGo-ST is an industrial application development platform that can be used to program with various purposes.
WeGo-ST was designed to optimize safety systems. The universal joints, suspensions, etc. that were problematic in version 1.0 were improved, and we deem it an optimal solution that is structurally stable.

Independent suspension allows for driving on rough terrain, and the wheels were also designed to allow this. Zero turning radius also allows for easy control in narrow environments.

ST60 is suitable for large loads, and the electric power system is suitable for a variety of applications. LiDAR, stereo cameras, laser radar, GPS, IMU, robots, and other equipment can be mounted onto WeGo-ST in various ways.

WeGo-ST is being used in various areas such as unmanned quarantine systems, self-driving security systems with patrol functions, miscellaneous research robots, exploration robots, distribution transport, and so on.

We provide consulting and system engineering to allow for immediate application in corporate settings. Please direct inquiries to our engineers at any time.

Technical specifications

가로 X 세로 X 높이 width×length×height 930×699×348 mm
축간 거리 Wheel base 498 mm
프론트 / 리어 휠 거리 Front/rear wheel distance 582/582 mm
차체 중량 Car weight 62 Kg
최대하중 Payload 50 Kg
배터리 Battery Lithium battery 24 V 30 Ah
모터 Motor DC brushless 4×200 W
감속 박스 Reduction box 1 : 30
구동형식 4륜 독립구동 Drive type Four-wheel independent drive
스티어링 싱글 로커 독립 서스펜션 Steering Single rocker independent suspension
안전 장비
  • 서보 브레이크
  • 충돌 방지 튜브
Safety equipment
  • Vacuum servo
  • Collision prevention tubes
무부하 최대 차량 속도 Max vehicle speed at no load ≤1.5 m/s
최소 회전 반경 등속 원운동 Minimum turn radius Uniform circular motion
최소 등반 능력 Minimum gradeability ≥ 30°
최소 여유 공간 Minimum clearance 135 mm
제어 모드 원격 제어
  • 원격 제어
  • 제어 명렁어 모드
Control mode (remote)
  • Remotely controlled
  • Control command mode
리모컨 2.4G / 제한 거리 1Km Remote control 2.4 G / Distance limit 1 Km
통신 인터페이스 Communication interface CAN / RS232
지원언어 Supported languages C, ROS


Most UGV platforms are tested indoors and so, do not feature suspension.When used outdoors, the vibrations cause problems with the sensors and control. WeGo-ST features suspension to improve this aspect.

Application Video