WeGo-Scout MINI

Made for self-driving research

Introducing WeGo-ST MINI, which enables indoor and outdoor self-driving research.
As product name infers, WeGo-ST MINI is a smaller version of WeGo-ST featuring a four-wheel drive and independent suspension. It has a maximum speed of 10 km/h and is a low-cost UGV platform that can be used for self-driving research and education. It is capable of RS-232 communication, and tasks can be performed using the preferred program on this R&D platform. A joytick with an E-STOP function can be used to control the device. WeGo-ST MINI has a four-wheel drive and drives quietly without making noise.
The top profile makes it easy to mount sensors. A mecanum wheel-type product was also released recently. It is used together with an educational curriculum for distribution transport at various schools for educational purposes as well. The size is 627×550×252 mm. There is the regular four-wheel drive and the mecanum wheel type (In -Wheel motor).

Major characteristics and advantages of the mecanum wheel

1. Left/right movement and turning is possible without a steering device, allowing for high efficiency compared to the structure/cost.
2. The driving radius is small, allowing for good mobility and usage of space.
3. Efficient transport/loading is possible between processes, reducing process times.

Technical specifications

Standard Wheel / Mecanum Wheel

Products also come in mecanum wheel variants.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 627x 550 x 252 mm
Vehicle Weight 20 kg
Wheelbase 452 mm
Track 450 mm
Battery 리튬 배터리 / 24V-15Ah
Battery Operating Temperature -20~60ºC
Charger AC 220V Independent Charger
Battery Charging Time 2H
Outward Supply 24V
Minimum Ground Clearance 107 mm
Minimum Turning Radius 0 m (In-situ Rotation)
Max Speed 10.8km/h (Standard Wheel)
10.8km/h (Mecanum Wheel)
Rate Travelling Load 20 kg (Standard Wheel)
50 kg (Mecanum Wheel)
Climbing Ability <30º With Loading
Obstacle Surmounting Capacity 70 mm
Communication interface Standard CAN
232 Serial Port
Protection Level IP22
Suspension Form Independent Suspension With Rocker Arm

Application Video

How to operate the WeGo-MINI (controllable) and set the manual, auto, and driving modes

1. Platform power On / Off
2. Turn on power by pressing two buttons of the joystick at once
*warning: before turning on the power, the top joystick needs to be pointing towards the top
3. Lowering the second switch on the joystick allows for left/right movement