WeGo – TR 30

Indoors distribution transport shuttle

WeGo-TR has two-wheel differential movement and is a very suitable platform for indoor transport. It is able to move freely in various indoor environments with its small and flexible structure. The ground clearance is 165 mm and the size is 685×570×155 mm.
WeGo-TR has a two-wheel differential steering drive that features a high payload, powerful low cost batteries, and more. Its mobile chassis is suitable for indoor guide robots or distribution transport purposes.
The recommended battery is 24 V/30 Ah, and payload support is up to 100 kg. The product weighs 30 kg. Communication with the controller can be performed via RS232 or CAN.
(The product is quiet enough to be used for moving books in a library)

Technical specifications

Dimensions(L X W X H) 685 X 570 X 155 (mm)
Overall weight 28~30 (Kg)
Track 360 (mm)
Rated Progressive Load 100 (Kg)
Minimum Turning Radius Om (Can Rotate In place)
Climbing angle <8º
Obstacle crossing ability 10MM
Max. speed 6Km/h
Max. stroke 15KM
Suspension form Independent Suspension With Rocker Arm
Drive type Two-wheel Differential Steering Drive
Operating Temperature -20~60ºC
Operating Time 4h
Charging Time 4h
Battery 24V30Ah
Code Wheel 1024 Lines Photoelectric Incremental Code Wheel
Motor 2 X 150W Brushless Servo Motor
Communication interface Standard CAN RS232
Material Steel Body

Application Video