For distribution transport, WeGo-Apollo has automatic charge feature

APOLLO is a SLAM-based robot. It has sensors and is capable of self-driving. It has a depth camera, ultrasonic sensors, and LiDAR sensors; the robot arms can be raised and put to use in various applications.

For distribution transport, WeGo-Apollo has automatic charge feature

  • Auto-charging system
  • Remote management system using cloud service
  • SDK support, depth camera, LiDAR, ultrasonic sensor, cliff sensor
  • It can makes less noise in an indoor environment.

Possible applications:

Guide robots, quarantine robots

Technical specifications

기본 구성 Basic composition SLAM Localization
옵션 구성 엘리베이터 자율탑승, 멀티 맵핑 Option composition Autonomous elevator boarding, multimapping
사이즈 Size 500×270×585 mm
모터 Motor 24 V  BLDC
제어기 Controller MCU
페이로드 Payload 35 Kg
LiDAR 측정거리 15 m Measured distance 15 m
초음파센서 3ea 장착, 측정거리 40 cm Ultrasound sensor 3 ea, measured distance 40 cm
Depth 카메라 측정거리 1.3 m Depth camera Measured distance 1.3 m
클리프 센서 3ea 장착, 최소측정거리 5 cm Cliff sensor 3 ea, minimum measured distance 5 cm
맵핑 최대 측정거리 150 m × 150 m Mapping Maximum measured distance 150×150 m
최대속도 Maximum speed < 0.7 m/s
배터리 자율충전 : 220-240V / 배터리 운용시간 : >12h / 자율충전시간: 5.5h Battery Autonomous charging: 220–240 V / Battery life: >12 hours / Autonomous charging time: 5.5 hours
하드웨어 인터페이스 이더넷, 15pin DB Hardware interface Ethernet, 15pin DB
소프트웨어 인터페이스 Software interface SLAMWARE ™ : Windows / iOS / Android / Linux
지원언어 Supported languages C, ROS

Application Video

Apollo – SLAM-based self-driving service robot

Slamtec Apollo – Product introduction